What is exocad?

exocad is a CAD/CAM design software that is predominately used in the dental industry. While it has heavy usage with dental labs and technicians, its ease of use has started to become a front runner for dentists and dental offices as well.

So how is it packaged?

Think of exocad software like an a la carte menu. You can pick and purchase modules based on your specific needs in your practice. For dentists, this is GAME CHANGING because we don’t have to pay for the full lab software when we may only need it for one or two components. Users have the ability to add and remove modules as they see fit.

Smile Creator

  • Digital Waxups
  • Mirroring tooth for optimal esthetics
  • Facially Driven Smile Design with 2D photos and 3D scan

Model Creator

  • Prepare casts for printer platforms
  • Attachments including Kois adapter for analog articulator
  • Add names/text to casts
Virtual Articulator:
  • Check protrusive/extrusive movements
  • mount Mandibular platform for reference
  • open VDO

Bite Splint:

  • nightguards
  • deprogrammers
  • esthetic crown lengthening guides


  • shell temporaries
  • eggshell bridge provisionals
  • same day temporaries

Tooth Library:

  • an additional extensive library
  • easily and individually make adjustments to all predefined teeth for maximum flexibility

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